Mini Sex Doll

A 100cm mini sex doll is a wonderful novelty and perfect for small spaces. These toys are very affordable and can be carried anywhere. They also have a very sexy look with a round face and colourful hair. They have firm nipples and are made of medical grade TPE which means that they will not get seized by customs. They are easy to carry and can give you the orgasm of a lifetime.

mini sex doll

A 100cm mini sex doll has all the perks of big dolls but in a smaller size. The WM Doll is very cheap and easy to collect. Its size is just the right size for a beginner to enjoy the best sex with it. It comes with a breast and a vagina, but will not have an anal opening. It also features two options for breasts, so you can select the most appropriate option for you.

One of the most popular types of sex dolls for beginners is the 100cm version of the WM Doll. This style provides the perks of a big doll in a small package. The WM Doll is a great choice because of its competitive price and quality. It will have the same body structure and function as the larger WM doll, but it will be less expensive and easier to handle.

100cm Mini Sex Doll

Unlike traditional sex dolls, SM10030 mini sex dolls are made from safe TPE materials and have metal skeletons. They feature several movable and fixed joints, so the sensation of touching a 100cm mini sex doll is as real as it can get. It is also extremely convenient and inexpensive, making it a great option for anyone who enjoys sex.

A 100cm mini sex doll is an excellent choice if you want a small sex doll that is as realistic as possible. The price of a 100cm sex doll varies between $600 and $1,000, but it is well worth the money. You’ll find these dolls very cheap compared to their larger counterparts, and they are also easier to store and carry.

If you’re new to sex dolls, a 100cm sex dolly is an excellent choice for beginners. It is cute, lightweight, and easy to collect, and is an ideal companion for a single man or a married couple. The sex dolly is also great for festivals, and you can use it for sex. It will make any man or woman feel more confident in front of others and be less embarrassed about your body.

A 100cm mini sex dolly is a great choice for women on a budget. This type of sex doll is inexpensive and easy to carry. You can easily hide it in a drawer or on the floor. It is also easy to store. They weigh around five to 10 kg. This makes it a great choice for people on a tight budget. If you’re on a tight budget, a 100cm mini sex doll is a good choice.

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