Let me show you why video marketing is so influential and why it is absolutely necessary to include a video marketing strategy in your promotional plans. Today, companies spend more money on online advertising than on television. A minimum of 20 hours of video is uploaded to YouTube every minute. More than a billion videos are viewed every day on the popular video-sharing site, and people now spend more time watching videos on the Internet than watching television.

It’s no wonder that video marketing is the fastest developing area on the internet. Nothing else comes close to the effectiveness of this medium as a marketing tool. You risk being left behind by your competitors if you determine that video marketing is not as valuable to your marketing promotions.

Why is video marketing so popular and what exactly is it?

The concept of video marketing is based on publishing and uploading video content and delivering it to the Internet. The popularity of video as a viable marketing strategy is mainly due to Google’s universal search function.

In 2007, Google created universal search. It meant that when you entered your query into Google, the results that the search engine produced were not just web pages, but photos and videos as well. Type any query directly into Google and you are likely to find that specific image and video result high on Google, probably ahead of powerful sites like Amazon. Regarding SEO goals, the distinctive position of video clips featured at the top of the search engine results page on Google has truly influenced the development of video marketing.

Video is an influential SEO tool. People love videos as much as Google. Video is much more provocative than text. Using a video will allow you to teach or explain your topic more clearly. Regardless of what you sell, video will show your customers how it works and explain it better than any other medium. Offer interesting content and you will start to attract viewers to your sales funnel and to build relationships with them.

Businesses use video marketing for free as a means of getting high rankings on Google to drive sales and build buzz for their product or information. It’s a wonderful way to get ahead of your competitors and magnify your business name. So it’s no surprise that several companies are leveraging and gaining the upper hand as they move toward integrating video marketing.

There are many free tools available to help you create video content at no cost to you. After this last year, the video has turned out to be extremely prevalent and will only gain more popularity in the future. No other channel has the global reach that you can achieve with video at virtually no cost. The ROI is outrageous compared to other conventional means of internet marketing.

If you haven’t started incorporating video marketing into your campaigns yet, think about this. Doesn’t it bother you that potentially thousands of people are watching your competitors online instead of you and getting a ton of sales every day?

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