Herman Miller’s famous Aeron chair is one of the best-selling office chairs in the industry today, thanks to its wonderful and highly beneficial ergonomic design. But aside from the fact that its design is definitely a great motivator for its buyers, the chair becomes even more preferable for more people because it comes in two packages that can fit the different needs of more people. These two types of packages are the basic and the highly adjustable.

The basic Aeron chair is the basic package, as opposed to the highly adjustable one which has many other additional features. But even as a basic package, the basic package is definitely still a great deal, and in fact, it’s even better than most other companies’ supposedly complete packages. In fact, an ergonomic chair can’t provide better support than the basic Aeron, except for the highly adjustable one. The Basic Aeron chair, however, is a great option for people trying to save on price but not quality. With a suggested retail price of just $749, the Basic Aeron features a pneumatic adjustment system for easy height adjustment and the special Kinemat Knee-Tilt mechanism. The Kinemat tilt mechanism is a patented Herman Miller technology that allows users to pivot with ease and with perfectly comfortable knees, ankles and hips. It also features a tilt tension adjustment, which users can use to adjust the resistance of the tilt when leaning forward or backward. However, the armrests of the basic chair are fixed. You also have the option of taking advantage of the vertically adjustable lumbar pillow that provides support for the lower back area. This highly ergonomic chair is affordable and greatly beneficial.

But if you want a better office chair that provides more comfort and support, you can go for the highly adjustable one. This is slightly more expensive than the basic package, but for the slight increase in price, you get a lot of different features in return. At $949, ​​the Highly Adjustable comes with all the features that can be found in the base package, like the pneumatic lift mechanism, Kinemat tilt, and tilt tension adjustment. However, it comes with more options. The Highly Adjustable stays true to its name thanks to its adjustable armrests. The armrests can pivot in and out and can also be adjusted vertically. The chair also comes with the tilt limiter, which controls the forward and backward tilt range of the chair. It can also be tilted forward, which is a great option for users who use the chair for computer work. The forward tilt movement can tilt the chair 5 degrees forward. But the best feature of the highly adjustable chair is the PostureFit lumbar support, a special and well-recognized support system that is almost synonymous with the name of the Aeron chair. The PostureFit system is a wishbone-shaped mechanism that follows the natural curve of the lower spine to support the empty space between the chair and the user’s back.

In short, both the basic and highly adjustable Aeron chairs are extremely good office chairs that can provide optimal ergonomic support for office workers.

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