The Harvard Business Review published a study a while ago that people remembered only 20% of what they heard and only 30% of what they saw, but an incredible 70% of what they heard and saw! In other words, the video caused the memory to increase by 40-50%! According to Marketing Vox, viewers remember almost 20% more online video ads than TV ads. (65% vs. 46%) Online video ads also outperform television ads in message recall and sympathy. With all the positive vibes generated by online videos, why is the video no longer on your website?

Then you have to take into account all those companies that have become international success stories through YouTube videos, such as Blendtec, the manufacturer of commercial blenders. In 2007, founder Tom Dickson took $ 50 and bought a white lab coat, some marbles and with the help of some other accessories (some extra value meals from McDonald’s, garden rake, etc.) and recorded a series of five videos, viewers asked the Internet version of “To be or not to be” in the form of “Will it merge? That is the question.” The Blendtec team then proceeded to mix everything and anything, posting their videos on YouTube. Not only did online sales increase by 500%, Blendtec created a viral storm with 155,945,374 views and 369,067 subscribers to its YouTube channel at last count. I guess more than a few viewers went to visit the Blendtec website and bought a blender. The Camera Store, Dave Carroll and Taylor Guitars and Old Spice are some of the other companies and brands that have capitalized on the buzz on YouTube.

When Google acquired YouTube in 2006 for $ 1.6 billion, it bought more than one website that featured everything from music videos to corporate presentations. It bought their entire video library and then entered it on their search engine results pages (SERPs). YouTube receives the third most visited site in the world, with 2 billion visits per day and 24 hours of video uploads per minute.

Now consider this scenario. You have hired a top-tier SEO company that has tried to appear on the first page of Google search engine results with no success. There is too much competition in your product category for you to get higher organic search rankings. Have you thought about adding a video? According to Forrester Research, websites with videos were 50% more likely to appear on the first page.

Getting to the first page of a search engine result and staying there takes a lot more work than shooting a video. But if you want to take action today that helps you build your brand, get customers to remember your brand, and place you where customers are most likely to find you, maybe you should consider producing a professional video.

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