Crack Vs Cocaine

Cocaine or crack is a common debate among those who are addicted to cocaine or crack. People who are using crack cocaine on a regular basis will tell you that crack is the purest form of the drug. On the other hand, people who only use crack on a rare occasion will tell you that cocaine is the more effective and pure version.

In fact, crack is an entirely different, stronger type of cocaine than powder cocaine. In general, crack cocaine is black in color and comes in white or tan rocks. In large amounts, crack usually comes from combining baking soda and cocaine with water. Although crack vs cocaine do not directly address the differences between the two, it does illustrate some of the differences in the addiction.

When crack cocaine is used on a regular basis, the user’s body starts to build up a tolerance for the drug. Because the user is getting high from the concentrated form of the drug, they require larger amounts to get the same effect. Since crack has such a strong addictive potential, users need to continue using a higher amount of the powdered cocaine to achieve the same high.

How To Make a Wise Choice Between the Two

Unlike other forms of addiction, those who are trying to quit crack will often use multiple substances to counteract the cravings they feel when they have a craving for crack. Often times, crack smokers try to quit using powdered cocaine and then smoke crack again to overcome their addiction. Although it seems logical that using something to counteract your addiction should be easier, this is not the case. By smoking crack or using another substance to replace the cocaine, users actually compound their problem by creating a vicious cycle that makes it much more difficult to break the addiction than it would be if they had simply given up altogether.

By understanding how crack vs cocaine works, you can begin to see why quitting using powdered cocaine is so difficult. By cutting out the highly addictive powder cocaine, the user is effectively eliminating one of their most powerful drug addictions. Although cutting out the drug is an important first step, users must also focus on finding other ways to combat the cravings for crack and prevent themselves from building even more habits that will keep them dependent upon the drug. Substituting one addiction for another is just the first step in recovering from crack.

When trying to decide between crack vs cocaine, it’s important to understand the differences between the two. Although powdered cocaine is highly addictive, it is also a highly versatile drug that can be used to create many different medications. If a user were to completely give up using the drug, they would still be addicted to cocaine due to the way it functions in the body. However, by substituting one addiction for another, the user can greatly reduce the amount of times they would need to depend on the drug to function normally.

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