When it comes to today’s world, there are numerous sources that try to get people’s attention. And, thanks to the invention of the smartphone, it may be easier than ever for them to do this.

As a result, it is no longer necessary for someone to sit down to watch television or turn on the radio to receive your attention. No, the only thing that needs to happen is that they look at their device and click on an app.


This is something someone can do from time to time, without being encouraged to do it. Alternatively, this is something they can do after their device has made a noise and / or blinked.

The reason someone can do this without needing a reason may be due to the fact that their brain has been hooked on the effect (a hit of dopamine) that it receives when a new notification pops up. When this happens, it can be as if almost everything in your life fades into the background and your device is the only thing that matters.

A sight

At this point, it would be easy to tell that someone will behave this way because they lack “self-control” and / or need “constant attention.” However, the applications that incorporate them have not been designed at will.

These will be apps that have been designed with the help of behavioral experts, so it wouldn’t be accurate to say that someone would need to have something inherently bad or a weak character to get hooked. Like all beings on this earth, humans have their weaknesses, and ultimately these apps take advantage of these weaknesses.

Multiple platforms

Now, if they clicked on a social media application, for example, this may be a time when they can see what their “friends” have been up to, to be informed about what is happening in the world through the main media and, for example, become aware of what different companies offer. In a way, it is like a buffet; there is something for everyone.

So you don’t have to click on a news app to be exposed to what’s happening in the world. Thanks to this, one can have a rough idea of ​​what is going on around him without having to go out of his way to find out.

One step further

However, this might not be enough for them and they may want this source to notify them directly. If so, you can make sure that this source is constantly informing you about what is happening.

One way of looking at this would be to say that it is a wonderful idea; one can be fully plugged in and not miss a thing. On the other hand, it is also possible to have “too much of a good thing.”

A similar experience

This boils down to, in the same way that someone can allow their value to be defined by the way other people respond to the images they share online, they can also allow their emotional self to be controlled by what is happening in the environment. world. Or, to be more precise, what the mainstream media say is happening in the world.

Also, this is a source that mainly focuses on what is failing. Consequently, by paying attention to this source, one can unknowingly have very little idea about what is really happening and have a very uneven view of reality.

A reactive existence

By paying so much attention to this source, regardless of whether you believe everything that comes out, you won’t have much control over how you feel. Like a puppet, your emotional strings will be moved by this source.

Then it can be normal for them to be anxious and fearful, thanks to the endless stream of drama and misery that this source will provide. They simply will not be in control of how they feel, the media will be.

A mixed message

The irony of this is that this source is also likely to talk about the importance of “mental health.” This source is certainly not good for someone’s mental health; what it does is to undermine your well-being.

Not only this, with all the misery and drama that is being trickle-fed to you from morning to night, your immune system may weaken as well. Being plugged in will do more harm than good.


The problem is, as destructive as this feed may be, someone can hook into it in the same way that they can hook into receiving notifications. It has been said that human beings are programmed to seek the negative rather than the positive, due to their early origins.

Assuming this is so, you can see why someone would end up being addicted to something that is probably undermining them. Another way of looking at this would be to say that this is because they are in a traumatized state that has disincarnated them, so they cannot see how destructive this source is and therefore they do not feel. the need to reduce the frequency with which they are exposed to this type of material.

Final thoughts

If someone generally allows this source to define how they feel and wants this to change, the first step will be for them to observe when this occurs. By being aware of when it happens, they can decide to do something else.
What you can also reflect on is that if you want to make a difference on this earth, you need to be at your best. The version of them that has been worn down and trashed by the media is not going to be the version that can really make a difference.

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