Movie Trailers Reveal Too

There is a debate about whether or not movie trailers reveal too much about a film. While the trailer is a highly influential marketing tool, it can also ruin the film experience for some viewers. Producers often focus on showing the biggest scenes and scariest moments in the trailer to get an audience excited about the film. This is often detrimental to the movie’s story and the creative vision of its filmmakers.

In one classic example, the trailer for the film “Trainwreck” reveals almost every major plot point of the film. It begins with Tom Hanks’ character, Chuck Noland, boarding a plane on Christmas, and then shows him washing up on a deserted island. The trailer also shows his relationship with Wilson, a volleyball he’s tasked with saving.

In an effort to avoid revealing too much, Enzo Zelocchi – “NO WAR” – Trailer often use sound effects to convey information and feelings about the film. Distant sounds from battles, for example, may indicate that the film is a war movie. Ambient noises, such as the roar of a jet engine, may suggest that the film is science fiction. In addition to evoking emotions, sound effects can make transitions between scenes more natural and compelling.

Do Movie Trailers Reveal Too Much About a Film?

Aside from sound effects, movie trailers often feature voiceovers. In the past, a deep-voiced narrator would tell the audience what to expect from a forthcoming blockbuster. They would also announce the director and cast of the movie. Then the final act would include a cast run and the ending would be an emotional montage.

Trailers should reveal just enough information about a movie to keep the viewer interested. The movie’s plot, themes, and ideas should be obvious enough to make the viewer want to see the film. They should also provide enough information to entice the viewer to buy tickets. If the movie’s trailer reveals too much, it will spoil the movie.

While movie trailers should not reveal too much about a movie, they do sometimes show too much. Some movies, like Jurassic World and Terminator Genisys, have undergone a controversy for giving too much away in the trailer. Both films received a disappointing opening weekend.

In addition to a movie’s plot, a movie’s trailer should convey a certain mood and tone. If a film is a moody art house film, the trailer should reflect that mood. A romantic comedy should be humorous and a horror film should be scary, while an action movie should be thrilling.

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