Happy Aquarium is a game/simulator about aquariums and fish farming. The game was developed by Crowdstar and has some similarities to Zynga’s FishVille. We are not going to make any comparisons between these two games under review, but instead we will see how the games work and feel.

how to play

Happy Aquarium is all about raising your baby fish to adulthood in an aquarium environment. In addition to fish, you can raise other types of marine life such as penguins, whales, and of course the mysterious sea monster if you’re lucky.

The game begins in an empty aquarium as pet store owner Harold guides you through the early stages of the game. Unlike other games that let you skip the tutorial, Harold seems to be a very enthusiastic pet shop owner who wants you to know the game mechanics and guide you on how to care for your pets.

You will first be able to buy a pet from Harold’s shop and from there you will be given the option to name your first pet fish. For our part, we tend to call our mascot Games Mabel. After the usual training material, you can do whatever you want in the game.

Not much can be done in your aquarium during the first few levels, as most items will be too expensive to buy or lock until you reach that certain level. Not to leave you waiting for that, the developer is kind enough to provide some mini-games for players to keep them busy and earn some rewards while they wait for their fish to grow to adulthood. There will be two mini-games during the start of the game, however new players may not notice this until they do some exploring of their fish and aquarium.

The first minigame a player can do is play coin collecting. To get this option, just click on the little chess under the screen, you will get two tries during the beginning of the game. In this minigame, players will be asked to choose a fish in their tank to take to the bottom of the ocean to collect some coins. This game will give you a countdown timer to let your pet fish collect as many goals as possible. I’ve tested this game using a touchpad, personally speaking… try to avoid using a touchpad unless you’re really good at it. The mouse is the best control option in this game as it will be quite difficult to control the fish with a touchpad.

Once the game is over, you will be presented with a score of how many coins you can get during the game. This is a good way to earn quick money at the beginning of the game.

The second minigame is to choose any fish in your tank and click train. This is more like a fast racing game and your goal is to avoid getting your fish killed. Fast and also exciting as you will try to get your fish from one end to the other in one piece. In addition to the racing game, you can also collect free coins and fish food that you can use in your inventory later.

For those who are really wondering why there is a gender symbol on their pet, Crowdstar actually provides a cute little feature to allow your fish to COME UP. It costs a small coin and the result can be a bit rewarding here.

A total mess and get an automatic cleaner and feeder to keep your fish and marine life well and happy until you return!


Happy Aquarium has a very nice and colorful atmosphere. The fish are also very well done but very lively as you can see your fish and pets have a big smile on their face when they are happy. The animation is also well done in a scenario where the brush will flow with the current.


Very good melody that is played during the game, since it is soft and peaceful. The tune is very relaxing, and if you’re not careful, you can put someone to sleep if they get too relaxed while looking at their virtual fish tank.


This is a very nice game that is suitable for everyone. Also, the minigame itself can keep players playing for some time before looking for other activities on Facebook.

I give this game 3.5 out of 5.

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