Home Depot Heavy Duty Shelving

Home Depot is an excellent place to find Home Depot heavy duty shelving. They carry a large variety of different shelves, some of which may be heavy duty in nature and some that are not. The shelves can be found in a variety of sizes to accommodate most home storage needs. They also carry many different types of shelving including plastic, metal, wire and pvc pipe.

I recently saw a Home Depot display of glass storage. There were several shelves that were glass but the largest was over 45 gallons and had multiple tiers. There were a rack to hold bottles of water and a few smaller racks. I was surprised that there was an entire section of the store devoted to glass storage.


The most interesting shelves that I saw were the ones that were made out of pvc pipe. There were three racks on the bottom of the pipe that were about an inch tall and held a lot of stuff. The coolest part was the “dragonfly” pattern that was embossed on the back. It looked like a dragonfly had just come out of the pvc pipe. When I looked at the rows of shelves, I couldn’t help but picture a child hanging out in the garden.

Home Depot Heavy Duty Shelving and Glassmoor Storage Ideas

The shelves themselves were made out of glass, the three shelves were assembled then they were placed into the pipes. Once fully installed, I noticed that there was no adhesive on the back of the shelf, the glue simply ran all the way down the pipe. Then I realized that maybe I had purchased a recent addiction, a spider web shelf. These are very popular with many people. One particular customer bought four of these shelves and filled them with nLC beads. She was able to glue them together and create her own glass wall shelf that was almost identical to the custom shelves.

This same customer had purchased two of the glass rods and glued them together. She placed the glass rods in a circular pattern, stacked them to make a tower, and then placed the milk crates in the middle of the tower. The result was eight feet high towers of glass with little shelves at each level. Each shelf had one or two small glass bottles on it and the final product was a very nice looking display. Home Depot also sells several other types of glassymoms including wine stoppers, which would be great for displaying bottles from our kitchen.

Last week, I went through some wire shelving and ended up with this beautiful row of glass with pvc piping at the top. This particular rack had some neat things on it, a dragonfly-shaped handle and a “dragon’s nest” design with four small glass rods sticking out of it. Once again, the wire shelving was neat and clean. Once I was done putting items on the racks, I noticed that there was one more thing that I needed. I found a picture frame with the same dragonfly design and thought that I would be able to use this to add to my display. Instead, I wrapped the frame around the entire rack and it really didn’t help my display at all.

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