So if you want to update your beach house bathroom, or maybe you want to bring the beach feel home in any way, here’s a great idea. Several different ideas can accomplish this task, but here is one that is sure to keep you in the mood for sand and sun. Relaxing in this oasis will keep you guessing how far away your favorite relaxing beach bar is.

This dated dark bathroom and vanity combo sure needed a major makeover! From the oversized garden tub, the small enclosed shower, to the outdated wallpaper, there was definitely room for improvement.

The plan was to move the shower from the current location to the garden tub area, which gives the customer plenty of space. Incorporation of a full bench seat along the larger wall just below the massive window, which was left to keep the source of natural light. Adding not one but two large niches inside the shower for essentials, one complete with recessed LED lights was just what was needed. The change from the existing ceiling light to a recessed LED light also complemented the spacious new shower.

The installation of a flat stone on the shower floor accompanied by a 12 x 24 tile installed in a vertical pattern on these massive shower walls gave the illusion of more space. The granite seat top, along with the matching niche and curb top, provide a very clean look. The frameless glass shower panel that sits atop a tree knee wall adorned with metal trim also gave a crisp, clean finish to a stunning shower.

Bring the boardwalk feel to this bathroom with a 6×36 plank washed gray wood look tile that has undoubtedly been tested effectively with our beach-themed design. The horizontal overlapping wall also incorporated the appearance of an exterior fence complete with boat moorings for towel hooks. Completing this part of the renovation with a blue / gray paint turned out to be perfect.

Continuing the floor into the vanity area once again gave this bathroom vanity combo a more spacious feel. Customers’ decision to continue with the same choice of granite for the vanity countertop with the chrome plumbing fixtures really complemented the already beautiful makeover.

Finishing off this transformation with custom vanity and pantry paired with custom-made hanging mirrors illuminated overhead with LED vanity lights. The LED lighting under the sinks and the cabinet with legs proved to be customer favorites.

Happy renovation everyone!

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