Give Dog Pills With Food

Giving your dog medicine isn’t always a simple task, but some dogs will gulp down their pills right along with their dinner. Fortunately, there are a few tricks that can make the whole process a little less stressful. These tips can make it much easier to feed your dog his medicine. Follow these tips for giving your dog pills! We also have a video that demonstrates how to give dog pills with food.

First, disguise the pill in the food. You can try this method by pretending to eat it. While you’re eating, give your dog the treat that contains the pill and watch the pill disappear down his throat. If he manages to swallow the pill, reward him with food as if he’s a champion. If he doesn’t, repeat the process. However, be sure that your dog has successfully swallowed the entire pill!

Next, disguise the pill. The easiest way to do this is to hide the pills in foods that your dog will enjoy. For example, chicken hearts have natural pockets and are an excellent choice for hiding pills. Other options include liver pate and cheese. You can even stuff a pill into a hot dog to make it more palatable for your dog. As long as you’re confident that you can hide the pill from your dog, you can disguise it with food that your dog will find delectable.

How to Give Dog Pills With Food

The second method involves placing the medication inside a treat. This will distract your dog from the unpleasant taste of the pill and make the process less frustrating. This technique is also effective if your dog is particularly picky, and can make giving him his medication a lot easier. The key is to keep his attention while giving him the treat. If your dog refuses to take the pill, you’ll have to repeat the process again.

The third method involves using the paw ploy. This technique is most effective if the pill is small enough to be crushed without losing its potency. Alternatively, you can use applesauce or margarine to coat the outside of the pill. This method will work best if the pill is small enough for your dog to eat easily. If your dog has trouble swallowing the pill, you can use a small, soft pillow to place it on his stomach.

After the meal, check the bowl for the pill. If the pill is still in the bowl, try another method. Some dogs can’t distinguish between the pill and the food, and might even spit out or pick around the pill, so it’s important to keep this in mind. Besides, the other methods can be easier than the traditional ones. This can be easier if you take the right steps.

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