Any type of man can learn the art of picking up women, whether he’s an athlete, a model, a gamer, or even a guy who loves to read books in the library.

Whether you’re someone who likes to go to the library or just someone looking for a challenge, picking up girls at the library is easier than you think.

What would you normally do when you see an attractive girl in the library?

Do you and your friends sit at a table and watch the hot girls walk by?
Do you try to stand up and mimic everything the girl does?
Do you follow them and try to sit at the same table?
Do you approach her and try to act without suspicion?

As David Deangelo has said,

“Women KNOW what you’re doing when you approach them. Heck, even if you’re just being nice and friendly, they’ll SUSPECT you’re picking them up.”

It’s time to drop all the Bull****.

Let me introduce you to the idea of ​​being sincere and genuine.

Stop acting and be yourself

Being yourself means being honest with whoever you want to get close to. Note that I’m not saying you should directly say, “Hey, I think you’re very attractive… blah blah blah.”

While that actually works in other types of settings, women don’t exactly go to the library to be hit on by men.

Your approach has to be much more moderate, but at the same time without trying to hide that you are interested. The reality is that you and the girl know what you are doing. So there is no point in trying to hide it. If she decides to accept it, great.

At the end of the day, you are letting him know that it is his choice and that you are not suspicious in any way.

pick up girls in the library situations

She is sitting alone at the table:

In this situation, try to sit close to her. If it’s a private table, he tries to seat you at a table near her.

Since most of the time you have to be quiet, try writing a note and leave it on his desk to start a conversation. (a bit old school, but trust me it works)

She is on the shelves looking for a book:

Ask him what book he is looking for. (if you’re good at finding books, find it for her). Then walk away and wait until the next opportunity to talk to her.

She is leaving the library:

Introduce yourself to her and let her know that you find her attractive. It’s the last resort, so you need to make a good impression right then and there.

Don’t be creepy. I mean, don’t ask her if she comes here often or if you can walk her to her car.

She is walking around the library:

Ask for help finding your book. Have a list of the books you are looking for as well.
After she helps you, she greatly appreciates her help and will feel great about herself.
Now ask him what he was doing before he helped you. GREAT WAY TO GET THE REPORT.

having a conversation

Ask him questions about what he is reading. Based on what you’re reading, if you know a little about the topic or a similar topic, it can be a great topic of conversation. Remember, she cares more about what she’s reading than anything else in the library. If you can show interest in what matters to her, you will easily attract her. REMEMBER TO BE GENUINE.

Speak up and go. Even if you’re having a great conversation, you can’t give her the impression that she’s in control. Remember that you are the one flirting with her and she knows it. Have a quick chat, and then say, “Maybe I’ll see you around?” DO NOT LEAVE UNTIL SHE GIVES YOU AN ANSWER.

Ask for coffee. After you’ve had a quick conversation, it’s a great opportunity to continue talking by going to a coffee shop.

Many of these tips work wonders if you just act genuinely without acting. If you’re going to try to pick up girls at the library, don’t try to go to the library every day. Mix it up, so you’re not “that guy” who’s trying to flirt with everyone.

With a little practice, mastering the collection game in the library will become simple.

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