Being a man myself, here are some of my observations of other men:

Most men automatically assume that they are great lovers. Most men automatically think that they are very well endowed between the legs. Most men think they know how to please women in bed. I will let your partners determine the veracity of these statements. However, I will offer my three tips on how to please your woman just in case.

Tip 1: Virtually all women feel insecure about their bodies. Don’t just say she’s beautiful, show her. When you undress to go to bed and she is naked before you, kneel before her. Stroke it, smell it, run your hands over all those soft curves. She may think you are dumb, but she will love you for it.

Tip 2: delay your orgasm as long as possible. Most men can have an orgasm very quickly. Women usually take longer. It’s just one of those things. So delay yours until I’m satisfied. Some women also need additional stimulation (that is, more than just you inside her) to reach orgasm. It’s okay. This is quite common. Show her that you are a good lover by letting her touch herself or helping her.

Tip 3: give him what he wants and needs. This is very simple. Or at least it should be. What do you like? What doesn’t she like? Make love in the kitchen? Talk dirty? You must know this. If not, find out.

Don’t forget: a woman likes you and she will like you.

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