Tamariu is one of the best summer places to spend your holidays. It was a fishing village. It is located less than two hours from the city of Barcelona and is a perfect destination to spend a family vacation. It is worth spending time in solitude and tranquility. There is a beach where you can enjoy different activities such as diving, sailing and kayaking. The crystal clear water of the beach offers you a calm and peaceful environment. There are many local restaurants with comfortable terraces next to the beach. You can enjoy tapas, a plate of fresh fish and an evening tonic. This small town exudes charm and beauty. The town attracts people from different parts of the world. There are some more bustling towns like Llafranc, Calella de Parafrugell and Palamós that you can visit and explore.

Tamariu has a warm sun throughout the year. Summers are long. A gentle breeze crosses the sea and caresses the beautiful town. In autumn and spring, the sky is clear and the temperature is pleasant. Winters are short, wet, and windy. The area is the best place for mature and independent vacationers. Many international visitors and Spanish families visit the place on weekends. There are many things to enjoy for children and teenagers.

You can enjoy more by staying in a beautiful villa that is within walking distance of the beach. Sant Miguel is an elegant villa offering best-in-class amenities. The villa has everything to make your stay comfortable. The villa is situated in the picturesque setting of the mountains around the sea. The fresh air blowing from the mountains gives you energy and the opportunity to do whatever you want to do while on vacation.

In the villa, there are three bedrooms, two bathrooms, and it is the best accommodation to relax and enjoy the culture of the beautiful stretch of the Costa Brava. The villa is fully furnished. The villa is equipped to first class standards. There is central heating throughout, all modern equipment is available in the kitchen, Wi-Fi and everything you need to enjoy your vacation is available in the villa. The villa also offers free parking. The villa also has a washing machine and a living room. A dishwasher and a ceiling fan are also available for tourists.

You can enjoy the outdoor life in the villa. There is a large private pool where you have to swim with your family and have fun. There is a barbecue area where you can eat and drink in the evening with your family under the shade of the stars.

There is a beautiful garden with scented pine trees. You can walk through the park and enjoy with your family.

You can spend a few days of leisure on the beaches of the fishing village and Sant Miguel. You can stay wherever you want on the Costa Brava. You will surely find beautiful views, whether of the sea or the mountains. Tamariu is the best place for those who want to spend time in tranquility and in a sensational environment.

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