Most hotels and hospitality businesses do not own their own linens and towels; they contract it out to specialized companies that operate a linked car wash service. The linen rental is not only used for bed linen, you can also rent table linen for restaurants.

Linen rental companies should be able to offer commercial grade linen products across a range of linen items. Any good linen hire company will offer a range of bedding items such as plain white duvet covers or satin stripes; 500 g/m² towels or 400 g/m² towels; Regular cotton or percale bedding. The key items available from a laundry rental company are sheets, duvet covers, pillowcases, towels, bath mats, tablecloths, and napkins.

The usual operation of the linen rental service is that several sets of linen per bed are agreed upon and delivered to the hotel. The number of games is often referred to as ‘even’. The pair can vary based on the number of times a bed is likely to be changed in a week, but usually settles between 3 and 5. After the beds have been changed, the dirty laundry is packed ready for removal. laundry company picks it up. The laundry company will collect the dirty clothes and return the washed clothes collected in the previous delivery. The delivery frequency will also vary from hotel to hotel, but is also generally based on the activity levels of that particular hotel. The pair and delivery frequency work together to ensure that the hotel never runs out of stock.

The advantages of renting linen are:

• Avoid immobilizing the cash invested in white clothes.

• More flexibility to change stock profile if you change your beds.

• Cost-effect service.

• Bed linen will be replaced when worn at no cost to you.

• Ensures that your bedding is commercial grade and of a high standard.

The disadvantages of linen rental are:

• Minimal charges: The rental company will likely expect you to wash all items several times a month. If this level is not reached, you will be billed for the minimum level of activity even if you have not used the service.

• Unusual spikes in activity can mean you’re out of stock, like a sporting event.

• You will have to pay for lost and damaged items.

• Beware of additional charges, such as additional inventory or delivery that you request.

So is linen rental right for your hospitality business? It really comes down to your activity levels throughout the year. If your business is truly seasonal with a long off-season, then linen rentals could be an expensive option; In this case, it would probably be better to buy the bedding and negotiate a really attractive price just for the laundry. Remember, the laundry company will not invest in linens, so the price for “laundry clothes only” should be lower than a linen rental service. If your business will meet the minimum use criteria most months, linen rental is a great way to move forward if properly addressed.

You will often find smaller independent linen rental companies that will offer a more flexible service and provide quality to the renter because their processes are less automated. Please read the terms and conditions of service carefully to ensure there are no hidden charges. Discuss with the company how they operate and understand what level of linen and delivery frequency you can expect. Remember that the more clothing you wear, the higher the minimum level of use. Also understand how reliable the delivery window will be. You should also find out from the company if you will be required to count and record the laundry you are returning to them. For smaller hotels, this is a good stock keeping practice, as proof of how many items have been shipped is recorded, although it may not be practical for larger hotels.

In short, as long as it’s a busy hotel and you follow the steps above when setting up service, linen rentals can take a lot of hassle out of running a hotel on a daily basis.

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