Hit point (HP) wash can greatly increase the survivability of characters in Maplestory, but there is a limit to the number of times any class can wash HP. This limit is based on the minimum magic points (mp) that a class can have. Any points added to HP after that would be considered “blood” wash. That is at least until the character’s maximum mp is above the minimum mp, and he can take mp points away again.

The actual minimum mp depends on the class and level of work. It does not stay the same throughout a character’s career. Once a character’s maximum mp drops below the minimum range without equipment or hyperbody, as it is not counted in these calculations, they cannot take any more mp points, even if additional points have been invested in hp or mp.

The four equations for the minimum mp are listed in the following list. These equations may not apply to all regional versions of Maplestory, but they should apply to most and will be similar for all.

Archers, Second, and Post Thieves:

* mp min: (level x 14) + 148

* mp removed by reboot from ap: 12

* HP gained per added point after a level: 16 – 20


* mp minimum: (4 x level) + 56 [fighters] (4 x level) + 156 [Spearmen/Pages]

* mp removed by reboot from ap: 4

* HP gained per added point after a level: 50 – 55

2nd + pirate job:

* mp minimum: (18 x level) + 111

* mp removed by reboot from ap: 16

* HP gained per added point after level: 39 – 40 (Brawlers) 18 – 24 (Gunslingers)

Knights of Cygnus (KoCs) and Legends currently released are generally the same as their closest Adventurer counterparts by a minimum of mp.

Can you successfully wash HP even if your max MP is still lower than the min after leveling?

Yes and no. If you have the points for it, may try washing MP one or two spots first then you may have enough to wash HP. This is called a double wash and will be explained in more detail in another article. Otherwise, no, you cannot remove MP points until you have more maximum MP than the minimum calculation. This means that it cannot be washed with HP effectively.

For instance:

* A thief had just leveled up to level 50. This character had 880 mp without equipment or hyperbody.

* The minimum mp for a level 50 thief is 848 (using the equation above).

* so, 880-848 = 32 above the minimum sc

* To remove mp with ap restarts, you can always round. since each reboot of ap scores 12 sc, we can divide the sc above the minimum by 12

* 32/12 = 2.67. Since it can be rounded, we can reset up to 3 points.

* This thief has enough mp that he can add 3 points in hp and get 3 points in mp

Using the numbers above, this means 36 mp less and 48-60 hp more

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