Many people clean their houses themselves, but there are some or many things that they do wrong or that are not good enough. Whether you are cleaning your kitchen, floors, or any type of area, there are certain things you need to stick to and others you need to change or stop doing. We’ve made a short list of the top 9 reasons you keep cleaning the wrong way and we’re bringing it to you! We hope you find it useful and improve your house cleaning skills!

First, make sure you use the correct amount of each cleaning agent and detergent. The manufacturers purposely gave instructions and you should stick to them. Putting more detergent in the washing machine does not help to clean clothes better. It can leave residue and that is not what you want. The same goes for all the cleaning products you use, like stain and glass cleaning solutions. Putting too much does not give better results. Instead, try putting in the correct amount and see the difference it makes.

The only mistake many people make is not tidying up the areas they are about to clean. This can lead to excessive cleaning procedures because people tend to place an item from the drawer on the carpet and then onto another surface, causing another layer of dirt or dust on an already clean surface. Make sure you put everything away before you start cleaning anything!

Cleaning your bare floors with a lot of liquid products doesn’t clean them better. First, you need to vacuum the floor to remove dirty particles and dust. Then use a liquid product when scrubbing, but do not put too much, because you will end up spreading dirt all over the floor.

Using old cotton cloths or towels for cleaning is not the best thing to do. These fabrics do not absorb the liquid as necessary and some of them even spread dirty particles. Instead, buy microfiber cloths! They are known for their efficiency! They absorb liquids and dust and even after multiple washes are good for use in long-term cleaning procedures. The market offers a wide variety of microfiber cloths for electronics and different surfaces and you can choose exactly what you need!

Light switches, door knobs, handles, faucets, and anything else you touch multiple times a day should be cleaned regularly. They must be disinfected frequently, because these small surfaces accumulate a very high percentage of bacteria and germs. Be sure to pay more attention to those surfaces!

Spraying glass or mirrors directly is not the way you are supposed to clean them properly! Applying the product to the surface may cause damage to your frame. Wood, plastic and different types of materials must be taken care of by spraying the product on the cloth with which you are cleaning, and you will not have problems with the frames!

People often don’t realize that pillows need to be cleaned regularly. Pillowcases aren’t the only ones that collect dust mites, skin cells, and sweat. Washing the pillowcase just isn’t enough. Make sure you have washable pillows and put them in the washing machine every two to three months. You will sleep better and safer if you pay more attention to your pillows!

Storing things in your garage or any room is something that a lot of people do. The wrong way is to store your items in a cardboard box. Moisture, mold, and termites are some of the reasons you should use waterproof plastic containers to store your valuable possessions.

One mistake many people make is forgetting to clean their phones. Throughout a day, you touch many different surfaces with your hands, and we know that you use your phone most of the time. Make sure to clean its surface every few days to get rid of bacteria and germs and stop wondering why those pimples on your face are so stubborn!

We hope this information helps you and provides you with more knowledge on how to properly clean your home and your valuable belongings.

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