Why retire abroad to the Philippines? The Pearl of the Seas of the Orient is a land of friendly and smiling people. It is a rare breed that can hardly be found in rich and developing countries. Expatriates and foreigners from all over the world have known the Philippines for its quality nightlife. However, it is incredibly affordable. Taxis in the Philippines are air-conditioned and fare starts at 95 cents. Have fun on the beach where the sun will keep you warm while you enjoy the pleasures of the sea and the sand. Golf courses are just as luxurious. Take the time to see the distinctive beauty of the Philippines in the beauty pages. It’s the national Pinoy pastime. Savor delicious Filipino dishes during your parties too. The hotels are splendid, with services that will really make you feel satisfied. If you’re waiting out the recession, retreat to the Philippines where you can live like royalty. There it is cheap to hire domestic helpers, maids and caretakers.

When you retire abroad to the Philippines, you’ll get to do some bird watching in the snow. You can hide from the cold winters there. The tropical climate of the country gives you more freedom to explore its beautiful attractions. You could also be saving bird watching in Pinas. Enjoy comfortable and convenient living while you wait for a warmer economic climate to arrive. Live in the Philippines and have fun discovering the beautiful places in the country at a fraction of the cost of touring developed countries.

Foreigners who have been staying in the Philippines for some time have always enjoyed basking in the sand and sea of ​​the world’s famous beaches. Retire abroad to the Philippines and you can make the most of your golden years by exploring different and exciting activities. The beaches and mountains are staggeringly beautiful and how amazing are the rice terraces. Dare to do some adventure diving and enjoy kitesurfing or windsurfing. Visit and enjoy luxurious 5 star hotels. Massages are truly a treat and delight your gastronomic senses by eating good food at low prices. In the Philippines, you will appreciate an exciting social experience. You can’t find these anywhere else in the world. There are no faults when you eat in restaurants because in addition to trying delicious foods, you will find these places to be enjoyable. Even the children are well behaved. The Philippines is a land of warm and friendly people, especially since Filipinos are family-oriented. Men shake hands with their friends and children live with their moms and dads all their lives! What unites them? Love!

Feel the culture and charm of the old world in the Philippines. However, you cannot stop being connected. There is cable TV and broadband there. The cities are absolutely bustling, surrounded by fast food outlets and skyscrapers. Children never forget to show respect to elders. They bow down and put their elders’ hands on their foreheads. Age is not a disgrace in Filipino culture, but a badge. Rap music plays there, but you don’t have to understand it. Retire abroad to the Philippines and feel the Filipino hospitality that welcomes foreigners from all nations.

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