With the launch of each new iPhone, the huge lines of waiting to get one begin. Pretty obvious! Due to the variety of smart features and applications that iPhones offer, they are worth investing in. While you may know a lot about the iPhone you’re using, we’re sure there are some amazing and interesting facts about Apple that you don’t know about.

We have collected some facts about iPhones and the leading iOS app development company, Apple.

1. iPhone before Apple iPhone – You might be surprised to learn that before Apple released the iPhone, the name was already proprietary to Cisco Systems. In fact, they sued Apple for naming their smartphone ‘iPhone’. Cisco’s first iPhone was a VoIP phone, which allowed users to make Skype calls without using a computer. Finally, both companies reached an agreement and kept their rights to the name.

2. The iPhone was conceptualized in the late 1980s – In 1983, Apple computer developer Hartmut Esslinger envisioned a landline phone that had features similar to today’s iPhone and iPad with a stylus-controlled interface. Although the design never made it into an actual iPhone, it’s surprising that Apple had ideas for the iPhone years ago. Imagine what the iPhone landscape and custom iPhone app development would look like if that old prototype had been released in 1983.

3. Bonus exists on all iPhones – If you look closely at your iPhone, you’ll find that the artist icon on your Music app is originally a silhouette of Bono Vertigo, the singer of U2.

4. The App Store was the first place to legally download an iOS app – One of the most surprising facts about Apple was the App Store, which was the only place to legally download free or paid iOS apps.

5. Samsung makes processors for iPhone – Now this might surprise you a lot. While it is true that Samsung and Apple are arch rivals in the field of smartphones, both are associated with each other. Apple has given Samsung the contract to manufacture its computer chips.

6,700 iPhones sold so far – In March last year, Apple CEO Tim Cook revealed that Apple has sold nearly 700 million iPhones. Reports on Apple’s earnings suggest that surging iPhone sales could soon reach 800 million.

7. Texting became a trend with iPhones – More than 22% of people believe that sending an SMS is much better than calling. It started when Apple introduced SMS.

8. iPhone was the invention of the year – Seeing the popularity of Apple’s iPhone, Time magazine named it “Invention of the Year” in 2007. In fact, it was a revolutionary development.

9. The iPhone was called Purple – In the early days, when the iPhone was being designed, the new phone’s nickname was called “Purple.” Even the iPhone section at Apple headquarters was called the “Purple Dorm” by the developers.

10. 2 Million iPhone Apps – There are reportedly more than 2 million iOS apps available on the Apple App Store (as of June 2016). With this, Apple’s app store becomes the second largest app store after Android, which has more than 2.2 million apps. This also makes Apple the leading iOS app development company.

11. iPhone 4 names Antennagate – The new metal design of the iPhone 4 caused major problems among users when it was discovered that calls would drop when holding the phone in a certain way. Due to its severity, it earned the name Antennagate.

12. Steve Jobs pranked Starbucks – It was in 2007 when Apple was first introduced by CEO Steve Jobs. He made a prank call to Starbucks and ordered over 4,000 lattes and immediately canceled. This was certainly a good thing for the barista who took that call.

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