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Things to know about signing a contract to rent student accommodation in Edinburgh

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The University of Edinburgh is extending its guarantor scheme, enabling students from overseas to rent student accommodation. This is a good move to help students who would otherwise struggle to find accommodation in the city, and has already helped many students from overseas and those from low income households. This year the guarantor scheme will cover up to PS550 per month of rent, and will include students in their first and final years of university. The scheme is available to students from the UK, those who have not been in the UK for long, and some care leavers.

edinburgh student flats will love the city’s historical charm, but this doesn’t stop it from offering a modern student life, too. The city is home to Heriot-Watt and Queen Margaret Universities, and is a fantastic place for students to live and learn.

You can apply for edinburgh college accommodation as soon as you have accepted a university offer, and it is recommended that you do so as early as possible to secure your preferred property. Student accommodation in Edinburgh is popular and can sell out quickly. In order to apply for student housing in Edinburgh, you will need to provide your university email address and contact details, as well as your guarantor (if required). You will also be asked to select a tenancy length – whether it be for the full academic year or a semester – and choose your preferred payment method.

Things to know about signing a contract to rent student accommodation in Edinburgh

Most landlords and letting agents will require you to have a guarantor in order to rent their properties. This could be a parent, guardian or friend. This person will be responsible for ensuring that you pay your rent and any damage caused to the property during your tenancy. They will have to sign a guarantor agreement which puts them legally bound to take on this responsibility.

Many universities offer on-campus accommodation, such as dormitories or residential halls. This option provides convenience and easy access to campus facilities, making it ideal for first-year students or those who prefer a structured living environment.

Renting an apartment off-campus offers greater independence and flexibility. Students can explore a variety of options, ranging from studio apartments to shared flats, depending on their preferences and budget.

Looking ahead, the future of student accommodation holds exciting possibilities. With advancements in technology, we can expect even more streamlined and connected living spaces. Virtual reality and augmented reality may be incorporated into accommodation designs, allowing students to visualize and personalize their living spaces before arrival.

This is not something that you should feel pressured into doing, but it is a common practice in the UK, and it is necessary to rent student accommodation. It is important to read the guarantor agreement carefully and understand what the responsibilities of both parties are. It is also advisable to check the guarantor’s credit history before agreeing to act as their guarantor.

Student housing in Edinburgh is available close to all of the main universities, and most of the city’s top attractions and nightlife. There are stylish and comfortable rooms to choose from, and most of the student houses in Edinburgh have a range of amenities including washing machines, dishwashers, flat screen TVs and even garden spaces. You can also enjoy a range of social events at the city’s famous bars and clubs, all within walking distance of your student accommodation in Edinburgh.


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