There are a variety of werewolf and werewolf chat rooms. While the werewolf as a creature has always held a certain fascination in our society, this popularity has skyrocketed in recent days with the success of series like Twilight and Harry Potter, not to mention the plethora of movies, TV shows, comics, and video games have helped fuel these concepts.

There are a couple of broad categories that werewolf chat rooms can be divided into. These are based on the reality of the situations discussed. The nature of the chat can range from full-fledged fantasy to serious discussions of paranormal events, with a wide range of options found on a medium gradient path.

When you get into the realm of pure fantasy, werewolf chats are often more like games than mere communication devices. There are a variety of fantasy and role-playing game chat rooms, where people can pretend to be werewolf characters and interact with each other to tell stories or create collaborative pieces of fiction. The idea is that the chat is like a giant English exercise, which seeks to expand the creative and literary minds of the participants.

Slightly more realistic are werewolf fan sites. These may arise to discuss actual werewolf media, such as books and movies, or they may arise due to a general interest in werewolves in our culture. While these are people who enjoy and admire the fantasy of werewolves, they are not looking to create such media for themselves, nor do they want to take it to the next level and seek out real werewolves.

Then you have the paranormal chat rooms. Within these communities you will find people who have varying levels of belief in the actual existence of real werewolves. These communities will generally contain a healthy mix of scientific theorists, spiritual journeymen, and combative skeptics. The whole mix helps to explore some of the lesser known sides of the natural and psychological worlds around us.

As the popularity of werewolves increases, the different gradients in the available chats will expand, providing a specific niche for any enthusiast of the lycan universe.

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