Finger lights are small flashlights that fit comfortably on each of your five fingers. They’re so bright, fun to wear, and great for parties, raves, or gifts. Most of them are very bright. This is because they use LED technology which also has an easy switch to easily turn them off and on. The finger lights are attached to the fingers with velcro or elastic bands. When researching the subject, most people prefer rubber bands because velcro tends to get in the way and is a bit bulkier. You may be thinking that most of these finger lights come in white, but the truth is that they come in many different colors. For example, most of the light packages you can buy come in fun colors like blue, red, green, and yellow. This is because they are mainly used for fun occasions like parties or raves. At these parties, the people wearing the lights often wave their hands in circular motions to create a trail of cool light effect. After using them overnight, you may be concerned that the batteries will burn out. Don’t worry, the batteries last approximately 8 hours and are easily replaceable.

Finger lights have a variety of common uses. Not only are they great for rave parties, but they can also come in handy on everyday occasions. Have you ever had to buy a cool little gift for a toddler but never know what to give? Well kids love finger lights. They are so small and cool that they are one of the best fillers in socks. But they are not just for children. If you know people who work a lot with their hands, where they need to use both hands at all times, but may also need to use a flashlight, then these would make a great gift for them. The hunter climbing the trees in the dark of the morning, the bear could greatly benefit from these, also mechanics or other technicians in low light situations. Use your imagination and I’m sure you can think of dozens of more practical everyday uses for them.

Maybe you’re stuck and trying to think of ways to spice up a birthday party, co-worker gathering, or promotional event? Finger lights may be the perfect thing you are looking for. These are so much fun for toddler birthday parties. Imagine having dozens of kids pointing fingers at each other with these colorful lights, they would love them! But kids don’t need to be the only ones having fun – adults can use them too! Maybe you have a costume party or some kind of theme party with friends or coworkers. You would be the center of attention when using these cool lights. Since they are so rare, people would come to you asking what you were wearing. Still not convinced? Okay, let’s try one more scenario. Maybe it’s a startup or networker attending an upcoming conference. Well, we all know that when we attend conferences, companies hand out promotional items that they expect us to retain and remember their brand. Sometimes this is great, but sometimes it just sucks. Why not give Finger Lights as a gift? I guarantee you that 90% of the people would never throw them away; They are too cool!

I hope I have expressed my idea about finger lights clearly enough for you to understand their practical and playful use. Hopefully you will try them for yourself and enjoy them for many years to come!

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