The mining profession is without a doubt one of the main gold collecting professions in WoW. A good WoW Mining guide will guide you through the best mining circuits. Mining provides material for three professions: engineering, blacksmithing, and jewelry. Having these professions is not necessary to be a miner. For good gold production, sell the raw ore you mine or sell it after it has been smelted. Mining, as with other gathering professions, can take a while to level, so finding the best mining routes and nodes is really important.

As in any profession, the first step is to find a trainer. To help you go from Apprentice to Craftsman level, use the following list of trainers and their locations.

Gelman Stonehand: Dwarf District, Stormwind
Yarr Hammerstone- Stellgrill Reservoir, Dun Morogh
Dank Drizzlecut – Gol’Bolar Quarry, Dun Morogh
Geofram Bouldertoe- The Great Forge, Ironforge
Dulvi- Azure Watch, Azuremyst Isle
Muaat- Merchant Level, The Exodar
Kurdram Stonehammer- Auberdine, Darkshore
Brock Stoneseeker- Thelsamar, Loch Modan
Prospector Nachlan- Blood Guard, Bloodmist Isle
Matt Johnson- Darkshire, Duskwood
Brom Killian- The War Quarter, Undercity
Brek Stonehoof- Lower Rise, Thunder Bluff
Krunn- Razor Hill, Durotar
Makaru- Valley of Honor, Orgrimmar
Belil- Distant Walkers Square, Silvermoon
Johan Focht- The Sepulcher, Silverpine Forest
Pikkle- Gadgetzan, Tanaris

The first thing to buy is a mining pick. You will usually find dealers selling them near your mining trainer. The next thing to do is find a good mineral vein. You’ll find them near mountains, mission sites, and obviously mines. Here is a list of the different minerals you can mine and the skill level you will need.

Copper- 1
Tin 65
Incendicitis- 65
Silver- 75
Bronze- 75
Iron- 125
Indurium- 150
Gold- 155
Minor Bloodstone- 155
Steel- 165
Dark Iron- 230
Small Thorium – 245
Rich Thorium-275
Thorium Hakkari Vein – 275
Small Piece of Obsidian – 305
Large Chunk of Obsidian – 305
Fel Iron- 300
Adamantite- 325
Rich Adamantite- 350
Cobalt- 350
Cobalt rich node 375
Saronite Node-375
Saronite Rich Node – 425
Titanium Node 450

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