Color your world Highlight the energy around you; Enrich your mood by making subtle changes by adding or enhancing colorful new additions to your surroundings.***

***Capitulate your senses, start by changing or refining something that is perceived on a daily basis. Just using your five senses in a different way! Instill the muse in you, gravitate towards something that captures or captivates your focus or attention. Examine your sense of sight by enjoying how you interact or choose to use your eyes for more enjoyment, find something healthy or beneficial that attracts what you see on a daily basis. Strive daily to add more enjoyment to what you see before your very eyes! Decide to use your sense of sight wisely. Start by observing and engaging your visions and dreams with what gives you visual pleasure and largely learn more about nature, philosophy, music or fine art. Treasure your ability to enjoy life by engaging with what you allow to unfold before you. Enjoy listening to great musical instruments seen and played live; or enjoy and appreciate listening to music, while you are still alive. Go to the opera, see the sparkling costumes or listen to opera music on YouTube, it’s really relaxing, if that’s not your taste, listen to Chopan, Mozart, Bach or take part in relaxing musical melodies, songs or sounds to relax, induce sleep or just discover something you’ve never heard, seen or experienced before.

*** Color your life, sit at your desk and open a coloring book and get busy doing what you once did as a child. Coloring is relaxing, attractive or painting is even more wonderful! Take a few minutes a day, or a week, to find something colorful to create. Make it a celebration of color, or a holiday, by designing a way to brighten the hues around you, or by coloring your life with something different, unique, sweet, or new. Add something new to design or color inspiration: decorate your bedroom, simply by adding colorful paintings, curtains or decorate by adding a new bedspread, complete or revisit what you started to color, but never finished before.

**Plant that flower garden with beautiful colorful roses, pansies, sunflowers or whatever you feel inspired to surround yourself with energy, capture something that highlights your taste and personality. Enjoy surrounding yourself with great nuances, tones or lights around you, be amazed by the color, abound with the sounds, call the abundance of everything that surrounds you by stimulating your senses daily!

**Life is meant to be lived and expressed by what your wonderful senses can receive and perceive in a relaxing or engaging context. Affecting the senses, in any way, is a great escape: take a mini-vacation from your normal tone or mood, invite or welcome a new way of looking, seeing or smelling something new, different or strange to you.

Enjoy something enlightening, captivating, different or new! Come on, I challenge you!

I enjoy learning from you and from others offering me knowledge continuously!

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