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Nigeria: Top 5 Dead Traps Motorists, Travelers Should Avoid These Ember Months-ACC Joshua Ibitomi

In Nigeria, the embers months begin from September to December of each year. I don’t know other parts of the world.

But, with Christmas and the New Year just around the corner, these months are life and death for some people. It’s okay with Nigeria. Our world is doing well.

May love, peace, unity, happiness, progress rule our world in this festive period and always.

For some criminal-minded people, it’s time to reap where they don’t sow. The truth is that the police of our beloved country are fully aware of this.

Take it or leave it, the Nigerian police cannot work miracles. Police officers under command structures will do the best they can, given the prevailing circumstances.

For others, it is time for sober reflections, sharing love, gifts and prayers for all humanity. God bless those who think in this direction.

Crime is always on the rise, traffic is always hectic, however, some A Trunks such as the Lagos-Abeokuta highway, the Lagos-Ibadan highway and the Lagos-Apapa highway are in poor condition.

This may have motivated the commander of the Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC) unit, ACC Joshua Ibitomi, to drop the five dead traps that drivers and commuters must avoid in order to stay alive during the upcoming holiday session.

Speaking on the topic: “Road safety is a state of mind, traffic accidents are a lack of spirit, stay alive” during the farewell to the 2019 Ember Month campaign by the body, Ibitomi mentioned the traps such as: dangerous driving, use of alcohol, overload, speeding and use of damaged tires.

ACC Ibitomi, who is the RS2.27 unit commander for the command of the Ifo unit in Ogun state, said that since the last four months of each year it is usually characterized by a rebound in business activities, leading to the general movement of goods and services, with high volume of traffic, motorists and travelers should be careful when using the road.

His words: “Our market men and women should also stop displaying and scattering their wares on the street on market days, as it could result in merchants being run over by reckless or failed motorists.”

The flag campaign that took place at the Ifo market along the Lagos-Abeokuta highway in Ifo, Ogun State, was attended by police, the Nigerian Civil Defense and Security Corps, students from the School Group from St George, operatives of the State Security Service, DSS, members of the Red Cross, members of the National Youth Corps Service and members and officials of the various transport unions in the state.


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