Television can be a blessing to our lives, but it can also be very annoying. You’re totally engrossed in a show and then the commercials come on. Immediately your mind goes into standby mode. You think about what you have to do tomorrow, at work, at your children’s school. Too late, your mind realizes that the commercial ending now is for something you really wanted. Whether it’s for a household item you needed or a health and beauty product you wanted as a gift for someone, the commercial just ended and there’s no time to find a pen and write down the number that disappears from the screen.

Even if you don’t watch much TV and you certainly don’t watch commercials on TV because there’s nothing you need right now, you realize there are a lot of products advertised on TV that you’ll never see or hear about. Obviously, you don’t need all of these products, but there may be some that could be very useful now or in the future. The problem with television advertising is that you can’t access these products when you need them. You have to wait for the television companies to broadcast the commercials.

The Internet changes all that. Finally, you are in control of what you want to watch and no longer have to put up with irrelevant ads bombarding you at the whim of the TV company.

For example, suppose you saw an ad for a TV product that you really liked, but you weren’t sure you wanted to buy it at the time. He can wait until the commercial runs again (which might not be that day) or he can turn on his computer and search for it. There are many sites that offer these as seen on TV products. These sites collect all the popular products advertised on television and put them in an easily accessible format. Many also allow you to search for the products you need and allow you to search at a time of your choosing.

While online, you may see various websites filled with flashing lights, advertisements, user registration or login required, and complicated navigation. This can complicate the buying process and discourage you from meeting your goal of finding what you want. Look for websites with very simple designs that give you quick access to the best-selling products. If you don’t see any of your desired products listed, look in the search box. Any well designed website should have this. Another feature to look for is a site organized by categories for each product. Instead of having to browse through everything at once, categories let you select the likely category of a product before browsing, saving you time.

The web empowers you, the user. It lets you decide what and when, not the TV company. This is what makes the web great.

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