Integrated Circuit Technology

An integrated circuit is a cluster of electronic components installed on a compact flat piece of semiconductor material, mostly silicon. It includes miniaturized active devices, for instance, transistors and diodes, as well as passive devices, such as capacitors and resistors. Compared to electronic circuits constructed with discrete electrical components, those built with an integrated circuit are generally smaller, cheaper, and faster. Integrated circuits are the key element of many modern electronic gadgets, including computers, mobile phones, and smart watches.

The growing demand for high-performance smartphones and advanced electronics has boosted the integrated circuit market. Advanced features such as 5G connectivity, artificial intelligence, and Internet of Things (IoT) integration require the use of advanced ICs, which are expected to drive market growth further over the forecast period. Increasing adoption of electric vehicles (EVs) is also fuelling the growth of the market. ICs are used in EVs to provide various features such as sensor monitoring, antilock braking systems, infotainment system operation via smart phones, and more.

In the coming years, IC manufacturers are focusing on improving chip performance and reliability. However, the conventional complementary metal oxide semiconductor (CMOS) fabrication technology has reached its theoretical, practical, and economic limits. Therefore, IC manufacturers are making substantial investments in new technologies to increase the performance of chips while reducing their cost.

Future Outlook for Integrated Circuit Technology

This includes developing new semiconductor library and wafer fabrication processes, improving transistor structures, migrating integrated circuits to larger diameter silicon wafers, enhancing IC packaging, and introducing 3D IC manufacturing.

Aside from the technological advancements, IC manufacturers are also boosting their production capacity to meet massive demand for ICs. Several market players are expanding their fabs, primarily in China and the US. For example, SiEn (Qingdao) Integrated Circuits Co, which manufactures CMOS-based ICs, has built an 8-inch wafer production line. The company plans to build another fab in 2022, which will enable it to produce more than 100 million ICs per month.

The IC market is segmented by vertical, such as industrial, healthcare, consumer electronics, defense and aerospace, and telecommunication and IT. Automotive is the fastest-growing segment of the market, as it offers several benefits for end-users such as enhanced safety and convenience. Moreover, the use of ICs in automotive applications can reduce operating costs and emissions. Furthermore, the rising demand for ADAS features is driving the growth of the IC market in this sector.

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