Flowers are a perfect gift for many occasions. If you don’t know what flowers symbolize, choosing flowers for the right occasion can be challenging. Flowers can be given as gifts for almost any occasion. Some popular occasions for giving flowers are birthday, anniversary, enhancement, thank you, holiday, date, and wedding.

Red or pink flowers represent mutual love and passion, so it’s always safe to give them on anniversaries. Like there are specific gifts for each anniversary year; similarly, there are also specific flowers for each year. Today I am going to focus on wedding anniversary flowers in this post. But you will also read about the flowers of other occasions in my future posts.

Carnations – 1st anniversary: The first wedding anniversary is a time of celebration. Carnations are traditional flowers used for the couple’s first wedding anniversary. These flowers represent young passionate love. Carnations come in a variety of colors, so you can choose the best shade that symbolizes your love.

Cosmos- 2nd anniversary: By the second anniversary, the couples have formed a deep understanding of each other with a more powerful unique love, and that is exactly what this beautiful flower represents. The amazing cosmos are perfect flowers for couples celebrating their wonderful two years together.

Sunflower – 3rd anniversary: The sunflower represents the three-year marriage that is now strong, passionate, and colorful. The strong stem of the sunflower symbolizes the solid foundation of marriage. The beautiful yellow petals of the sunflower represent love and passion. Fresh sunflower bouquets look extremely amazing and are a clear sign of trust that has developed between the couple after being together for three years.

Geranium- 4th anniversary: This colorful and vibrant flower for the fourth wedding anniversary is called a geranium. It symbolizes happiness and positive emotions. Geranium arrangements are perfect for your fourth anniversary when you and your spouse are comfortable with each other’s habits and understand each other better.

Daisy – 5th anniversary: Sparkling daisies are a perfect 5th wedding anniversary gift. This simple but beautiful flower represents the hope, loyalty and love that the couple have for each other after sharing all kinds of experiences together for 5 years.

Calla Lily- 6th Anniversary: Calla Lily, an elegant flower symbolizes all the wonderful ways the two of you have grown during the six years of marriage, developed a unique love, and become even more attractive.

Fresia- 7th anniversary: The seventh anniversary flower is called freesia. This beautiful flower also has a pleasant fragrance that has long been used in lotions and soaps. The freesia represents all the appreciation and love you feel for your loving partner and the surprising surprises that the future holds for both of you.

Lilac- 8th AnniversaryThese absolutely stunning flowers are perfect for your 8th wedding anniversary. The white lilac represents the first love. So this is the perfect time to remind yourself and your spouse of the day you met and to recall all the beautiful moments and passions that you have shared during these long eight years of marriage.

Bird of Paradise – 9th Anniversary: As you can see from its name, this stunning flower is one of a kind and an amazing choice to celebrate the wonderful nine years of marriage. This flower points to the adventures that are yet to come and all the excitement that your love holds.

Narcissus – 10th anniversary: The magnificent ten years of marriage are an important number to celebrate and the bright daffodil flowers are perfect for this occasion.

Roses- 15th Anniversary: Roses are known as passion and romance and it is a perfect fit to be the 15th wedding anniversary flower when you have been through a lot together. You and your spouse deserve this luxurious flower right now, so gifting red roses to your spouse will show how passionate you are still for each other.

Aster- 20th anniversary: The elegant aster flower is chosen for the 20th wedding anniversary. This star-shaped flower is known as a symbol of love, patience, and fortune. The soft beauty of their radiant petals also represents an appreciation for the wisdom they have acquired together in two decades.

Iris- 25th anniversary: Iris is a real flower and after 25 years of marriage she is the perfect example to show your spouse how special they have become to you from spending so many years together. Celebrate your wonderful 25 years with this luxurious bouquet or arrangement of these royal purple flowers.

Lily-30th anniversary: By the 30th anniversary, you and your spouse have grown and changed a lot, but your commitment to each other remains the same. A bouquet of beautiful lily flowers is full of surprises. It comes in many colors and shapes. The gorgeous lily will make a bold statement that you still have a passion for your spouse.

Gladiolas-40th anniversary: The wonderful forty years of marriage have a charm of their own. This unique relationship should be celebrated with the most unique and brilliant gladiola flower. These flowers represent the growth of their incredible memories and experiences that have changed their lives in the long forty years together.

Yellow and Violet Roses – 50th Anniversary: Fifty years of marriage is a unique moment in your life. It should be celebrated in the best possible way. As you have aged, you have gained many memories experiences and you have a special bond that can never be explained. The special flowers to celebrate the 50th anniversary are yellow roses and violets. Together these two flowers look amazing just like your partner. This is the only anniversary that has two different official flowers to celebrate. These elegant flower arrangements will make your celebration even more beautiful and full of love and happiness.

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