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Keep Your Makeup Game Strong: Include These 10 Things In Your Dressing Box

Do you know what is the best part of being a woman besides being able to reproduce a new life? Makeup, and it sure is every woman’s first love. Being a man, I never had the opportunity to take those long hours improving my appearance and feeling so beautiful about it, but surely with the expression on my daughter’s face I know how special makeup is for women.

Taking some inspiration from my daughter, I am writing this article that has information on the top 10 things a woman should include in her dressing table to keep her makeup game really strong.

1. Primer: If someone tells you that primer is not that important on their dresser, tell them to check their makeup guide again. The reason foundation should always make it to your vanity is because it will help your makeup apply smoothly and increase its longevity. However, when choosing a primer, be sure to consider your skin type. If you have dry skin, something moisturizing and luminous, while if you have oily skin with enlarged pores, choose a primer with a matte texture.

2. BB Cream / Makeup Base: If you have to keep your makeup set strong, choose a beauty balm (BB) cream that matches your complexion. This can be used to avoid heavy foundations. In general, they are a good way to allow your skin to get used to the feeling of wearing makeup.

3. Concealer: No blemishes for you beautiful women, make sure you always have the concealer in its box or pencil case. Also, if you have discomfort under the skin, a concealer should be able to do you good.

Four. Blush: When applied correctly, blush can be one thing for a complete look. The best way to choose a blush is to match it with your skin type. Tip: Peach tones tend to look best on those with warm skin, while pink tones favor those with cool skin.

5. Highlighter penHighlighters are light, sparkling champagne or gold-toned powders or liquids that illuminate your face and are perfect for day or night. You don’t have to apply too much, just a brush should be enough for the look.

6. Eyebrow pencil: Always !!! Make sure you have the brow pencil on hand to give your brows the perfect look anytime when needed. One for all kinds of makeup accessory, the brow pencil specifically highlights the forehead, so pick an appropriate one.

7. Liquid or gel eyeliner: Perfect eyes make the perfect impression, so it’s best to have a liquid or gel eyeliner on hand almost whenever you need it. Choose an eyeliner that lasts longer and won’t smudge with sweat and the heat of the day.

8. Mask: It’s wonderful what long, full lashes can do for your face. Applying a few generous coats of mascara to the top and bottom will open up your eyes a bit more, making them look a little brighter and more sparkly.

9. Lipstick: Women never leave the house without a lipstick, even if it’s just a light layer, and this is great practice. If you are looking for something that should complete your look, it is the perfect shade of lipstick applied correctly. Better to have two shades on hand in the bag, red and nude, with the complete look ready.

10. Lip gloss / Balm: Chapped lips please none! Keep a lip gloss or lip balm on hand year-round because you just can’t do it without either of them.

I tell you that being a woman is a gift: you are beautiful and you are always ready. A little makeup just completes your overall look and if you can do it all with a smile, you’re winning hearts.


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