What are backlinks and what is their importance for YouTube marketing? Google employed two major updates to their system that completely changed the relevance of a backlink to your website or videos.

In previous years, you may have created a linking strategy that included many shady tactics. For example, if you have a YouTube channel about fishing, it wouldn’t make any sense to get links to beauty sites, right?

That’s when Google stepped in to penalize websites and YouTube channels that had too many links from unrelated sources. It was very easy to get thousands of backlinks from third party services, but this will not solve your problem.

In Google’s new era of backlinks and post updates from Google’s Penguin and Panda, there are 8 important things you can do to improve your YouTube views.

First, use a wide variety of anchor text. Anchor Text is the visible text in a hyperlink. In most browsers, it is often the blue and underlined words.

Second, your links must be relevant. This means that if you have a fishing channel, it should be linked to other channels and fishing websites.

Third, diversity is important. Let’s say your fishing channel is primarily about catching bass. You want to link to sites that talk about lures, boats, equipment, and any other sites and channels related to fishing.

Fourth, use the “follow” and “don’t follow” links. This always seems more natural to Google. Using only “follow me” links may seem suspicious.

Fifth, IP addresses have a section called “C Blocks.” You want to get as many IP address bindings with different “C Blocks”. This basically means that getting links from the same site won’t help you much if you do it too often.

Sixth and seventh, you have a YouTube channel. You may be sending links to your YouTube channel, but it is equally important to send links to each of your videos.

Eighth, the number of links you get should be proportional to your keyword competition. For example, if your keyword competition has 100 links, it would be silly to get 5,000. This could easily trigger an over-optimization penalty flag, so keep your video’s SEO in mind.

A link can come from multiple sources. If you are doing video marketing, there are a number of ways to get good back links.

Post your videos on your blogs. Post your videos on your social media sites. And build partnerships with other YouTube channels and website owners to naturally enhance your links and video views.

Be strategic with your backlinks. Getting thousands of backlinks is not recommended if they are not relevant to your topic. Google and YouTube will reward you if you follow their recommendations.

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